December 29, 2006

Hell On Wheels
Mix it up!!!

Act 1 has been getting the royal treatment. The sound is being mixed as we speak. We sent off Act 2 to the sound mix ninja earlier today and should be sending off Act 3 within the next week or so. We’re getting there. Should have some info on a world premiere time and place pretty soon. We’ll keep you posted.

September 14, 2006

Hell On Wheels
Take that Houdini!
This picture is locked up tight! In civilian lingo, that means we’ve completed the editing!

If you don’t know why this is such a milestone, let me get you up to speed. After filming for four years, we went into the editing room with 500 hours of footage. We logged and transcribed and we edited and edited and edited for a year and a half. And now we’ve finished the editing part!

Now don’t go getting all drunk and lazy on us, there’s still a small mound of work to be done. We roll on into all the technical stuff next: recording a score, color correction, EQ, graphics, etc.

Those who’ve started betting pools about when we’ll unleash this flick would be wise to wager on sometime in the first quarter or so of 2007.

There’s a new super-secret teaser-trailer sneaking around out there…

June 21, 2006

Hell On Wheels
It’s official! We’re in the fine fine fine fine tuning stage of editing (it follows the fine fine fine tuning stage, duh)!

Here’s the low down: we’ve locked the story part and completed about 95% of the editing. There are a few very minor (but crucial) changes we’re gonna make. Once we do that, we declare the picture locked and start on the score (with the kick ass band …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead )… then it’s on to all the technical BS to perty up the flick.

May 17, 2006

Hell On Wheels
So the LA leg of this journey was fantastic. We re-shaped and refined the flick and really did a ton of great work. Conor O’Neill is a certified top-notch editing machine. He’s a great guy to work with to boot. I guess that makes him a cyborg of some sort.

Viet Nguyen was an amazing assistant editor as well as a hell of a host (as was Veronica Mars thankyouverymuch).

Thanks a bunch to Greg Roman who provided the downtown spot for us to set up shop.

Also big thanks to the LA Derby Dolls for their hospitality.

January 26, 2006

Hell On Wheels
So you know that making a documentary is a boatload of work, right? It’s not like we’ve just been sitting around twiddling our thumbs mind you. In fact, here’s what we’ve cooked up:

Crucial to the completion of this flick is cash. Trooper that he is, Werner Campbell’s out there taking one for the team. That’s right, the poor s-o-b is neck deep in fat-cats and big-wigs and he’s hob-knobbing and elbow rubbing the hell out of these deep-pocketed bazillionaires and securing the funds needed to finish this doc off in style.

The other half of this two-headed snake, Bob Ray will roll on out to LA and work with Conor O’Neill (editor of two of CrashCam Films’ favorite docs of late: Murderball and Word Wars ) to finish the edit. We blocked out 5 weeks for the final cut and start on February 6.

Greg Roman, the infamous filmmaker behind the kick ass onslaught of brand spanking new Honky music videos has offered up his edit room for our use. Many thanks to our brother in arms for his hospitality.

Viet Nguyen, filmmaker, Austin expatriate and assistant editor on the TV show Veronica Mars will be heading up the many vital duties of assistant editor.

Once back in Austin, the kick ass band …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead will write and record an original score for the flick. How freakin’ rad is that?

And hell yeah, we’re going tri-coastal on this thing. The newest edition to the roster is producer Jere Orlandi. Jere is a native Texan based out of New York City. She’s been working as a producer at MTV for several years and began working with Bob Ray in 2002 shooting promo spots for MTV2. Jere brings tons of experience to the project and is overseeing the post production process. She’s lining up some top notch talent for all the glamorous technical mumbo-jumbo like graphics, color correction, and sound work.