slap! waaaa! we made delivery!

We pushed hard! We pushed long! Veins in our neck and face throbbed! We nearly passed out as the blood rushed to our heads in the BIG final push… butt now, plop… we have given life!

Please send gifts… booze… contraband… weapons… heinous drugs… scantily cald vixens… and love… and lube… and nunchucks…

The lil’ baby will be ready for viewing soon (see below for a sneak peek). The adoptive parents are getting the bells and whistles all lined up for the lil’ guy’s debut.

Speaking of adoptive parents, it looks like Madonna missed the boat on snagging this lil’ African tree critter. The proud new parents of Albert and company are residing in a building on Williams Street in Atlanta , GA. You might be familiar with some of their work, as they are quite famous (just like Madonna!). They’re the hooligans churning out such gems as the hilarious cartoons (and bomb threats) on [adult swim] on the Cartoon Network. But don’t go flipping the clicker around looking for us on the boob tube just yet. Instead, click your boob on the mouse-clicker and aim that nipple for www.SuperDeluxe.com. Good ol’ Super Deluxe is a new online comedy channel brought to you by the Williams Street team.

And as always, keep up to date on our MySpace page or the official APE SH!T page at www.ApeShitCartoon.com