Starting Friday, February 1st the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at the Ritz in Austin, Texas will screen trailers for the APESH!T movie (in theaters this fall!) in front of various films. The first trailer, “Butter Face” will kick off in front of Spike and Mike’s Sick & Twisted Animation Festival on Friday, February 1st and will run through the 10th. The APESH!T “Pecker-pine” trailer will follow shortly after.

On Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 2nd, APESH!T writer/director Bob Ray will introduce the show (the two late shows each night)!

For more information, check out the Alamo Drafthouse page here: http://www.originalalamo.com/Show.aspx?id=5121

In addition to the trailers, we have some full-length episodes in the cooker: The APESH!T episode “Fart, Genie in a Bottle” is in the currently in the works, “Spring Break One Off” is about to get the storyboard treatment, and “Monkey in the Crime Machine” is on deck.

We’ve been busy as SH!T around here.