Aside from the night where two of the APESH!T all-star voice actors got jumped by a herd of boob-deprived, Mardis Gras-mad drunken frat boys, the Spike and Mike’s screening at the Alamo was asmashing success. And mind you, it was not at the Alamo where said tiny-peckered frats decided to get all punchy, it was at a nearby bar. The fracas (in hindsight) is kinda quaint now… Anyway, we all escaped un-date-raped, and reletively unscathed (or was it the other way around?) so I suppose all is fine with the world.

The screenings? Oh, they were great! The audiences were fantastic! Giggles galore! And Drafthouse Henri? Yeah, he hosted the event and that’s one funny-ass mofo. Thanks Henri, Tim, Zach and all the gang at the Alamo Drafthouse who made us feel right at home (double-dildo tug-o-war anyone? …ahhh, home…).

Did I hear a “Butter Face” or a “Pecker-pine”? Yes I did. And we’re dang-near finished and ready to plaster the web with those trailers that the Alamo is screening. I’ll keep ya posted on when that SH!T hits the fan via this here forum and the news page at www.ApeShitCartoon.com