CrashToons in the works.
Speaking of animated kick-assery, we’re having so much fun with the animation thingy around here, that we’re planning on launching a few more lil ‘toons. The CrashToons banner will host a series of super-short animated clips, including the random samplings of various whatnot that will boast the awesome name “CrashToons presents,” and the new episodic adventures of our surly platypus friend/fiend P.Rex.

Word is these little nuggets will make fly in April. So go hold your breath! Or better yet, squat down and breathe heavily for about a minute, then stand up real fast and hold your breath while a friend bear-hugs you and you pass out! We used to call that move “The Elevator” back in the playground days… way better than merely holding your breath.

More info soon.