Oh man, it’s been crazy busy around here.  Ever since SXSW in March, we’ve just been bombed with mayhem.  Hell on Wheels had me out in Phoenix for several days at the super-fun Phoenix Film Festival.  Soon after that I was shipped off to New Orleans to work camera on the upcoming How’s Your News TV show (www.HowsYourNews.com), man was that fun.  Then I went straight from the Big Easy out to L.A. for an APESH!T screening at the Egyptian Theater.  Loads of fun!


I came back to ATX a few days ago and have been neck-deep in catching up (and flirting with a new project).


Despite all the action, we managed to do a lil’ work on CrashToons (see the CrashToons blog for more info: www.CrashToons.wordpress.com).


We’ve been booking Hell on Wheels screenings like mad (see the Hell on Wheels blog for more info: www.HellOnWheelsMovie.wordpress.com and visit the home page for a full schedule of screenings: www.HellOnWheelsTheMovie.com).


And for the new APESH!T, the Pecker-pine episode of APESH!T is mired down in the muck of animation.  Hopefully good ol’ animation bad-ass Ryan Parker will be able to squeeze in a bit of time around his laborious day job to knock this mofo out.  We did just have a great screening at the American Cinematheque last week.  It was cooool.  Keep up with the SH!T via the APESH!T blog at www.ApeShitCartoon.wordpress.com and view the ape-isodes at www.ApeShitCartoon.com