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We’ve got some big news we’ll be announcing soon.  Something about something related to what’s going down this weekend at RollerCon. 


Tangentially, for the first time ever, we will have Hell on Wheels DVDs for sale!!  No lie!  We teamed up with the kick ass indie outfit IndiePix and put together a RollerCon special edition version.  It’s a taste of more to come.  But, hold on… I’ve said too much.


We’ll have more big news on that in a week or so.


Bob Ray and Werner Campbell will be in Vegas from Thursday night through Monday morn and on Friday, IndiePix ninja Jason Tyrrell gets to town with a ninja-bag of DVDs.  So hook up with us and we’ll hook you up. 


We’re screening the flick on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 PM at the Double Down, so drag your drunken carcass down to the DD and have a Bloody Mary and watch the flick with us.  Bob & Werner will do one of those Q&A thingies after the flick.


Now’s your chance to own a piece of history!  “Hell on Wheels” is the “Birth of a Nation” for the derby set!


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