I’m trying to figure out with what regularity we should release these here ‘toons (or if we should maintain our irregularity).  For a while I was thinking to release one a week, but I think that schedule will kill me.  Not only do I have to record, edit, storyboard, pencil, ink, erase the pencil, re-ink, color, scan, format, clean-up, edit, add sound effects, mix audio, export and then upload each ‘toon, but I also have to post them on-line and promote (through this blog, the newsletter, the web site ( and the MySpace thingies ( &

That’s an ass-load of work for a one-man operation.  Okay, it’s not exclusively a one-man gig.  Michael Dalmon does the voice work.  I just write, direct, and record it (along with the litany of chores listed above).  On top of that, I have some other film projects that are ongoing as well (Hell on Wheels, music vids, the secret doc project, script-writing, etc.). And I desperately need to pick up some film jobs and get some cash-flow coming my way sos I can keep up the cartooning… damn poverty.

With all that in mind, I’m thinking that releasing a new ‘toon every other week is more doable.

Currently, I have two Platypus Rex episodes completed and waiting to launch: Inflected and Clone Whores.  I’m also looking at posting Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell! (Redux) now that it has completed its month-long run on the Slamdance web site (   So basically, I’ve got three bullets jammed into the chamber.  Sounds deadly, eh?

So the schedule might look like:

Sept. 8    –   Platypus Rex in Clone Whores

Sept. 22  –   Platypus Rex in Inflected

Oct. 6     –    Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell! (Redux)

Oct. 20   –  either Platypus Rex in Half-Mile High Club or Limp Dictionary: Lollygagging or Sack Lunch Mafia (working title) or something else altogether

That leaves five more dates for the year:
Nov. 3    –
Nov. 17  –
Dec. 1    –
Dec. 15  –
Dec. 29  –

We’ve already recorded a handful of Platypus Rex ‘toons that are ready to animate and I wanna get the Limp Dictionary and Rooster Lollipop ’toons off the ground as well as record some more CrashToons presents thingies (Fire Ants, Beer & Pussy, etc.)… oh man, what am I thinking?

Anybody wanna send me some money?