The newest CrashToon is an old, dusted-off gem dug up from the crypt:

A psychedelic nightmare scenario erupts as kung fu zombies battle for the brains of a helpless young woman in NIGHT OF THE KUNG FU ZOMBIE BASTARDS FROM HELL! (redux), a surreal stop-action animated, negative-projected, in-camera-edited kung fu zombie flick shot on super 8 negative film.

“Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell!” was shot in 1997 for the Austin Cinemaker Co-op’s super 8 in-camera-edited film festival “Attack of the 50 Foot Reel.”  The short existed in its original stop-action animated, negative-projected, in-camera-edited form until 2008 when it was unearthed for the eleven-year anniversary treatment.  Post-production tightening and sound effects were always the intent for “NOTKFZBFH!”  Now, a decade and a year later, post-production is complete and we proudly present “Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell! (redux).”

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