“A thrill-ride of a documentary …not just wildly entertaining, but downright impressive. Highly recommended.”
– digitallyOBSESSED

“Bone-crunching collisions, behind-the-scenes drama and roller skates are all part of the outrageous documentary… a smashingly entertaining feature!”
– Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“…the drama fans see during bouts pales to the drama that roller derby has gone through off the track. [Hell on Wheels is] a kind of tattooed, tough-girl “Dynasty.” The film is as much about dreams, ego, power and simple human nature as it is about roller derby. Ray might have lucked out on one hell of a story, but he rises to the occasion, telling the tale in a gritty style that matches the material. The film has a grainy look, and a pulsating soundtrack from Austin rockers … And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. …one hell of a story.”
– 77 Square

“Hell on Wheels is entertaining, educational and frustratingly brilliant.”
– In Utah This Week

“A must-see film!”
– The Stamford Times

“Compelling storytelling… It’s fascinating to watch.”
– DVD Talk

“A good story well-told… It’s a documentary exposing a certain athletic niche (in this case, roller derby), but first and foremost it’s a story of triumph over adversity and seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s one of those documentaries that doesn’t really feel like its imposing an agenda or actively spewing various facts at you, but simply telling you a true-life story in an organic fashion… at its core, it’s a feel-good film about interesting people and a cutthroat sport that I heartily recommend to anyone looking for a good story.”
– Real Movie News

“A wholly engaging documentary.”
– Campus Circle