No shit!  That fest was one of the most fun festivals I’ve ever been to.  Fucking ever.  I met a ton of great folk, it was organized like a well-lubed lubricating machine and I saw an ass-load of funny as hell shorts.  And parties, right?  Fuck!  I don’t remember leaving the closing night party… sorry if I broke anything or embarrassed you… I did loose my jacket, so if anyone finds a black windbreaker with Bultaco written on the back and a bunch of CrashToons DVDs and stickers in the pocket, I lay claim to it.

Aside from that, it was near flawless.  Amazingly, ridiculously fun.  And I got to hang out with Granny Squidbilly!

Thanks to Jeannie, Ryan and Gary for showing my ‘toons and congrats on hosting such an amazing fest.  I hope to be back for #2.

Hugs & shit,