Day off!!!  I slept in.  Woke up and had some Phở.  Took a nap.  Milled about. Took some pics.  Dig ‘em:

Gum walls…

Day two in Portland, and I got to meet Rebstock’s beer drinking club, PCDC. This is The Portland Connoisseur’s Drinking Club and the cool thing about them is they also serve as sort of a little support group/ animal handler for Rebstock in addition to being his drinking buddies. No, but seriously, they were all kind of young and everyone is obviously taken aback by Reb’s style of play. There’s some serious fucking Stockholm Syndrome going on at these meetings. Great time, though. And they drink a lot of beer.

We met up again with PJ and Drenick later. Here are all three of them including Rebstock, in his first video that has been fit for public viewing:

Things only got progressively better as the night wore on…

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