By day three in Portland, Rebstock had really come full circle. Here he is in some rare, touching footage, captured in Portland’s Rose Garden.

The screening in Portland was cool. It was nice to actually go to a screening again after that little vacation within the vacation. Clinton Street Theatre is a cool venue in a great part of town. There were a lot of friends there, including Adam Palmer and Gretchen, Brazoswood’s own Donna Yarborough, Drenick and friends, some of the PCDC’s and countless others. Thanks to all my friends in Portland who helped me out and came out to the show. Thanks again, Adam, Rebstock, Matt and everyone else. Here are some old buddies on film:

2:22 PM

Headed down to Stump City.

Saw this:

Driving through Portland is cool:


Met up with Chad and some of his pals and Matt Drenick from Lions.

3:33 AM

The screening was cool.  The crowd was digging it.  We decided to make the late night trek back to Seattle and drove until 3:30 AM.

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