12:07 PM – CHAD
So like I told you, Dan Driskill totally hooked me up with a hotel room in downtown Washington D.C. within blocks of the White House. I’d love to sit here and recant how I spent much of the next day visiting our nation’s monuments, but all I really did was stumble out of bed, take the subway to the bus stop, get on a bus to New York City, and go right the fuck back to sleep. In lieu of any great adventures I had along the way, I’ve slipped in some videos here from a trip I took to Washington D.C. two years ago with my kids. We had a lot more fun that time around:

8:21 PM – BOB
I didn’t really do much today.  See:

9:45 PM – CHAD
I specifically remember how refreshed I felt after catching up on rest during the bus rides to and from Washington D.C/New York. Unfortunately, that’s all I remember about this day, except that Raphael went to the movie with me in Brooklyn that night for what would be his second viewing of an eventual four total. He brought along a friend of his who calls herself Lara Pan, and I completely fell in love with her.

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