Did I even tell you about Slacker 2011?

Damn. Where to start? Back circa April of two-ought-eleven, I was asked to participate in a reimagining/update of Richard Linklater’s “Slacker.” The project, celebrating the film’s 20th anniversary (as well as the Austin film scene) was to double as a fund raiser for the Austin Film Society’s Texas Filmmaker’s Production Fund (which gives out a bunch of cash to Texas filmmakers). I said “hell yeah.” And over the course of the next several weeks (and with awesome producer Mia Cevallos as a partner in crime), we recreated the opening scene of the flick. It was fun. Then a bunch of other filmmakers updated the other scenes, the producers cut the scenes together and we screened it to a sold out crowd at Austin’s storied Paramount Theater. What a hoot!

The flick went on to screen at the Dallas Video Fest and is scheduled for upcoming screenings at more festivals, including the Fort Worth International Film Festival, the Loft Film Festival in Tucson and many others yet to be announced.

There’s much more to the story, but them’s the broad strokes. Check out details here: http://www.austinfilm.org/slacker2011