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12:21 PM – BOB
Chad fucked up the IFC meeting, so I ditched him in NYC and headed to Washington D.C. for our screening at the White House.

1:34 PM – CHAD
I took a bus down to Washington D.C. from New York for our screening. The bus ride down was the first time I got any real sleep on the entire trip. All other forms of rest up until this point have been more of a comatose state from partying too much. There is a big difference between actually falling asleep on your own terms and simply passing out because your brain no longer works. That being said, I don’t have much to report about the trip down.

4:51 PM – BOB
Today was a pretty routine day on tour.  See:

Bob – Carousel

This is the first street bandage I’ve found on this tour.  On the last tour, I came across four of these.

5:17 PM – CHAD
Before I left New York, I looked at google maps to give myself a general idea of how to get from the bus stop to the movie theatre we are at tonight. It ended up being about an hour walk, most of it along feeder roads and industrial areas, but at least I got to check out Arlington. When the bus was pulling into town, I saw Marine One, the presidential helicopter take off and fly right over us. I would be posting you video of this, but I’m afraid I lose my video camera a couple days later in New York City, along with the videos stored on it. This was the same camera I used to shoot all of the hand held scenes in Total Badass, as well as everything on our West Coast tour last summer. It’s gone now. Here is a haunting video, one of the last ones taken on said model:

10:12 PM – BOB
The screening went pretty well.  The DC Rollergirls were out in force:

To my surprise, Chad somehow made the trek from NYC to DC for the screening.

Q&A w/Bob and Chad

I saw Chad outside chatting it up with a drunk woman who was noting that the audience was kinda thin.  “But it’s a documentary… I mean, it’s a Tuesday and all… but it’s a documentary… who watches documentaries at the theater? And on a Tuesday?”

10:30 – CHAD
I remember this was a Tuesday, because the theatre had burgers for about two or three dollars and really cheap beer. There was a little bar and grill in the front of the theatre. You could say it was a theatre/bar/grill. Brazoswood High School’s own Rita Rahm Barr was there, with her husband Brian. They’re the ones who turned me on to the cheap burgers and beer. After the movie, Dan Driskill kept the high school reunion going with an appearance of his own. He and I went out for a little bit after the movie, but I wasn’t much use to him. I actually remember thinking that at one point. We had gone to a bar and Dan was in the bathroom, I was fading in and out of consciousness, thinking “I’m not really much use to him, right now.” I just didn’t feel like I was being good company, but who knows? Turns out, Dan’s brother runs a hotel right down in the middle of all the shit in Washington D.C., only a couple blocks down from the White House. I got totally hooked up.

2:14 AM – BOB
After the screening I bolted back to NYC. We’ll see if Chad can catch back up.  I’m heading out to Long Island tomorrow night, so I guess I’ll see Chad again on Friday when we screen at The Tank in Manhattan.

Balt Tunnel Toll

Drive Into NJ

Have I mentioned yet that it costs over $32 to drive from NYC to DC?  And, you guessed it, 32 and change to drive back.  Fucking toll roads.

Film Tour Website:
Store – Buy Merch:

10:43AM – CHAD
So, we have a screening today at noon back at reRun, but Bob just got a text from Aaron Hillis, who booked the screenings, explaining that he wasn’t going to be able to make it down to the movie this afternoon. Now, that really shouldn’t be a big deal, but apparently I’m not allowed over at reRun anymore without Aaron there to take personal responsibility for me. We were specifically texted not to go down there without him, so I guess he’s my official “handler” for the week. This gives me the day off to watch college football.

11:11 AM – BOB
Regarding last night, my filmmaker friend Michael Galinsky wrote this:

Posted by Michael on November 19th, 2010 in Rumur
Total Badass

About 8 months ago my good friend Bob Ray sent me a cut of his documentary “Total Badass”. The cut was a bit of a mess but it was clear that there was a pretty amazing tale unfolding. Tonight i saw the final cut at a screening in Brooklyn and I was shocked at how much he had been able to do without changing it significantly.

The film follows his friend Chad Holt, who is a total badass. I’ll leave the explaining and the reviews to the reviewers but i did want to relate a post show screening story from tonight. Early in the film we learn of Chad’s exploits in his band, Front Butt. In the band he would wear a butt in the front of his pants and he would leap from the stage into a trash can. It was clear from the footage that the performance transcended schtick. The danger and the pain were real and palpable, painful to watch. The band, like all other aspects of his life was designed to transcend expectation and push the envelope in all directions. It would be quite easy at first glance to kind of dismiss the front butt, and the stage diving, and the music as a gimmick. However, it was clear that while for some people the experience was like a freak show, for others there was something transformative about how Chad pushed way beyond the boundaries to an area of danger almost as a gift to the audience. In pushing himself so far he made room on the other side for those too scared to push themselves.

In order to drum up press and enthusiasm for the screening, the booker had promised live stunts. He bought a trash can and Chad was urged to use it. While in some ways the film is a chronicle of Chad’s exploits, it is also a tale of redemption. Over the course of the film, Chad pulls his life together and is able to start taking care of his son and daughter full time. At the screening Chad said, “I don’t want to do this because I’m at a different place in my life. I’ll do this, but it won’t be authentic and it will be kind of sad. But ya’ll take a vote and if you vote on it I’ll do it.” I voted no. It was a tie. I had a bad feeling about it for two reasons. Number 1, I just thought it would be a lame gesture. Number 2, Chad mentioned that he didn’t have health insurance and I just thought it would be awful if their film tour was messed up because of this silly gesture.

After some awkward back and forth Chad brushed past me and headed towards the front of the venue holding the trash can. The filmmaker had given me his flip camera to capture the q and a so I followed behind him. When we got to the front he started to take his wallet and phone and lighters out of his pocket and dumped them on the hostess platform. A few people had streamed out of the venue to witness, but he didn’t wait around. He dove into the trash can and headed down the stairs. I felt the same hot jet of adrenalin that I get when my kids fall. He flopped painfully down a couple of steps and I knew that something was wrong. He hit the middle platform with a thud and then rolled down the next section. He hit the bottom explosively and flopped to a halt. Staring at both him and the little flip camera screen had given the whole thing an edge of surrealism.

The filmmaker, Bob has his little photo camera trained on Chad. He filmed the stillness because Chad wasn’t moving. I headed down the steps and it was clear that he was breathing but my sense of dread began to turn towards real fear. With his feet splayed at an awkward angle it seemed that he might be hurt. I also thought that he might be faking it to let those who had voted for his degradation feel some guilt. There was a lot of confusion and the stress level started to ratchet up the longer he laid like that. I searched Bob’s expression for any sense of fear or doubt, but found none, which was comforting – at first. My jacket was locked in the theater so I got the promoter to let me in. He seemed a little nervous, but excited by the tension. We were all kind of joking about it, but after 20 minutes i was starting to get nervous. The danger of it started to get to me. Sure, there was a 90% chance he was fine, but if he was hurt, or had a spine injury he needed help immediately.

We went back to the front and I checked his feet. They hadn’t moved at all. I started to get freaked out, so freaked out in fact that I felt the need to leave. Bob moved forward and peered inside the trash can with a lighter to check his eyes. He was calm but appeared nervous. He couldn’t seem to get any kind of response from Chad. Finally a guy standing near by said, “This is ludicrous, i’m calling an ambulance”

I left. I still thought it might be a performance but I was cooked. i couldn’t take the pressure and i didn’t want to get caught up in the drama. I bid Bob goodnight and took off in a foul mood. I thought about Chad’s kids. I pictured him in a wheel chair. I felt like shit and my thoughts were flying around like bats in a small room.

About three blocks from the venue I heard the ambulance on its way and i was glad to be out of there. When I got home I saw that I had a voice mail. My friend Adam had called to tell me that moments after I left Chad popped up. It had been all performance. In total badass form he talked his way out of trouble with the ambulance.

That was high art.

2:02PM – CHAD
Ok, so there’s this bar in Manhattan called Stout, and it’s like Texas Longhorns headquarters if you are in New York City. During a good year, the entire club is packed with Longhorn fans during the football games. This year, 2010, has been so shitty for the Longhorns that the fair-weathered fan base has dried up and the bar only shows the games in a dingy back room, hidden away from public view. Bob and I went to said dingy back room and ate a pizza while Texas beat the shit out of Florida Atlantic to vent out some of their frustrations over the year’s other losses. You know how a guy will get his ass kicked in a bar fight, so he goes home and beats the shit out of his wife and kids? That’s kind of what Texas did to Florida Atlantic.

10:51 PM – BOB
I’m sitting in a house in Long Island.  I know it says that it’s Day 11, but I’m really writing this from the future.  If you’ve been reading the tour journal, you already know that all my entries are time-traveling lies.  So really, it’s Day 16 (Thanksgiving eve) and I’m acting like it’s Day 12. I know this is confusing, but time-travel always is.  Anyway, my point is that I don’t remember what happened on Day 11. I know it was only five days ago, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what happened.  In fact, five days ago seem like it was about 27 months ago… maybe it’ll come back to me.  I’ll let you know, if so.

Perhaps the distraction of a possible NYC fire will liven things up:

11:45PM – CHAD
We went to visit our old friend, Patrick Holmes, at The Living Room where he tends bar. Patrick is a friend from way back when Bob and I lived next door to each other over on West Campus in the early 90’s. He’s been living in New York now for well over a decade and I look him up anytime I go up there. Shit, he came out and saw Rock Opera out there when we took it up for the New York Underground Film Festival way back in 2000. I guess that excuses him for not coming to any of the Total Badass screenings this time around. Plus, he did get us so fucked up at the bar that I really can’t tell you anything about the night, other than Patrick was there.

12:01 AM – BOB
Chad and I walked back to the crash-pad near the World Trade Center.  We found a hard-copy of the Village Voice.  The page with the review has a huge pic of Chad.  It’s the pic on the DVD cover (thanks, Jerry Milton!) where Chad is in a tumped-over trashcan, apparently naked but with shoes on and knees bleeding.  A striking pic, to be sure.  And the Voice knew this, giving it nearly half the page.

I found this cute write up:

Official Tour Page:

CrashCam Films & CrashToons year in review.

First off, thanks to all y’all for your help and support in making 2009 such a great year!

Admittedly, we’ve been posting more of the smaller updates on our Facebook pages as opposed to “official” blogs for our multitude of ongoing projects.

Here are the Facebook pages, if you wanna buddy-up:

CrashCam Films:

CrashToons (including APESH!T, Platypus Rex and more):

Hell on Wheels:

Rock Opera:

Total Badass:

And for you Twitter-heads:

So what went down over at the CrashCam Films / CrashToons Global HQ in Austin, TX this year of 2009?  Behold:

The bulk of elbow grease went into the new feature doc, “Total Badass.”  It’s nearly finished and crazy-fun (more info below).  We also completed a re-write of the feature-length script for the dark comedy “The Down Side.” Slamdance Script Coverage Service raves about the Down Side “Hilarious and gut wrenching.  Pure Storytelling genius!“  On top of that, we finished the story for the new narrative feature “Reign in Blood,” and are now fleshing out the script with hopes of shooting it mid ’10.

Here’s a project-by-project breakdown of what went down this year:

Total Badass

Total Badass is the new feature documentary about my buddy (and notorious sex-fiend, writer-publisher-singer-trashcan-jumper, rabble-rouser and man-about-town) Chad Holt.  From May of ’08 through June of ’09 we shoot the new doc.  We quickly moved into post-production in the late summer and, as of today, are about 98% through with the edit.  The movie is NUTS!  You’ll surely be hearing about it a lot in the near future. and


Through most of 2009, we were screening the pile of ‘toons we made in ’08.  We screened “Spanish Lessons with Chupacabra Volume 7: Conversational Spanish” at SXSW.  Various APESH!T ‘toons screened at LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival and Animation Block Party (in both NYC and Austin).  And a mound of creatively curated CrashToons unspooled before the Rock Opera 10 Year Anniversary screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in October.

Online, we host all the ‘toons at  And a few ‘toons even popped up on Playboy Magazine’s site,

As for new ‘toons, 2009 was a tad sparse.  We were pretty busy finishing up the filming and editing of the new feature doc, Total Badass.  But we did complete a new one called “Platypus Rex’s ABC-Hole.”  And it’s crazy-fun.  ABC-Hole is featured on the CrashToons home page, so swing by and check out the 28 seconds of hilarious and educational fun. and the ‘toons at

Hell on Wheels

We released the doc through IndiePix ( in late ’08, and it was such a blast that IndiePix re-released it in Feb!  Double the fun!  And then, we launched the doc on SnagFilms (, where it remains as one of the highest rated docs on the site!  You can also catch the flick on Netflix and on Xbox and even on iTunes (

The great reviews continued to pour in over 2009.  Check the Facebook page ( for links to many of these reviews.  We also got a big plug from Texas Monthly magazine ( and we landed on the homepage for

We screened Hell on Wheels in several cities in ‘09, including but not limited to theatrical screenings in Austin, Asbury (NJ), Sacramento, Boston, a fest screening at CineSol Film Festival in McAllen, TX, and even a university screening at The Southwestern University Feminist Studies Program with filmmakers Bob Ray and Werner Campbell and skaters Electra Blu (TXRG) and Smarty Pants (TXRD) in attendance for a lively and enlightening post-screening Q & A.

Hell on Wheels landed on a couple of those end-of-decade lists care of The Onion’s
A/V Club:,36275/, and a “Best Documentaries of the Decade” list: and

Rock Opera

Holy poop!  We had our ten-year anniversary screening of Rock Opera at the Alamo Drafthouse in October with after party at the Highball featuring a Voltage and Pocket FishRmen reunion.  If you were there, you rocked!  If not, you missed out on some FUN! and

CrashCam Films



Whew!  So there ya have it, the year in rewind.  We promise lots more far-out, and raucous flicks in 2010.  Keep up to date by signing up for the email newsletter ( or palling around with the Facebook pages, if ya prefer.

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped make 2009 such a fruitful and fun year.  We cannot do all this alone, and are really appreciative of your help and support.  Best wishes in 2010!

Hugs and Happy New Year!

Bob Ray & the CrashCam Films / CrashToons team

Put down the bong for a bit and come on down to the Rock Opera 10 Year Anniversary Screening at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar on Oct 10!!

Here’s the blurb from the Alamo’s page:

ROCK OPERA 10 Year Reunion + Voltage Live!

Rated NR; Director:Bob Ray (1999)  IMDB

Location: Alamo South Lamar
This show is a part of the Celebrity Guests Signature Series, Click to See More

Austin-based filmmaker Bob Ray is bringing the old crew back together for a night of punk rock debauchery to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his cult-legendary Austin stoner-caper flick ROCK OPERA! The tale of Austin musician Toe’s struggle to put together a tour for his struggling band PigPoke. Through selling dirt weed, stabbing people in the back and double-crossing half a dozen of the meanest sons of bitches in Texas, Toe weasels himself into a position to get his band on the road. Half stoner comedy, half suspense thriller and 100% dope ass flick.

Including performances by Nashville Pussy, Fuckemos, Witchbanger, and PigPoke as well as the music of Butthole Surfers, Ed Hall, El Flaco, Pong, Cherubs, Honky, The Crack Pipes, Titz, Pocket FishRmen, Phantom Creeps, Antebellum, Squat Thrust, El Insecto, Tallboy, and Voltage. After the screening, head over the The Highball for live performances by the newly reunion’d Voltage, Pocket FishRmen and Tia Carrera!

and here’s the press release:

For immediate release:

Critically acclaimed and award winning (and kickass) stoner-caper-comedy ROCK OPERA presents its 10 year anniversary screening at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar on October 10 at 8:30pm with writer-director Bob Ray

In October of 1999, the Alamo Drafthouse screened the soon-to-be cult classic stoner flick, Rock Opera, for three weeks at their original Colorado Street location.  Laughter was heard, weed smell was smelt, fun was had.  Chad Holt probably got laid.  It was a good time by all accounts and measures.

So, come October 10, 2009, the gang is back!  Writer-director Bob Ray will present the film and be accompanied by many of the original Rock Opera hooligans.  The screening will feature clips from Ray’s documentary work-in-progress, TOTAL BADASS (featuring Rock Opera’s Chad Holt) as well as a selection of Ray’s short animated “CrashToons” (several of which have been featured on and Turner Network’s Super Deluxe).  But the main event is a super-rare screening of the cult fave Rock Opera, with Bob Ray and crew hosting a post screening Q&A and an ear-gasmically sweet post-post-screening rock and roll show with bands from the flick (see below).

Rock Opera tells the tale of Austin musician Toe’s (Jerry Don Clark) struggle to put together a tour for his foundering band PigPoke. Back-stabbing, dirt weed-selling Toe double-crosses half a dozen of the meanest sonsa’ bitches in Texas to weasel himself into a position to get his band on the road. Half stoner-comedy, half suspense-thriller and 100% dope ass flick, Rock Opera is the original stoner-action-comedy (despite what Pineapple Express claims)!

Rock Opera launched Bob Ray’s “career” and netted a load of great press (including an Austin Chronicle cover story where Richard Linklater interviewed Ray).  Peep some love:  “Rock Opera possesses that delicious sense of the absurd for which so many indie films strive for but very few achieve. Never before has the underground Austin music scene been brought onscreen to such glorious, pot-reeking life. Rock Opera could very well be the next Austin film to inherit the low-budget crown previously worn by Slacker and El Mariachi.”  –SXSW (world premiere, ‘99)

**** (four stars)  “Hilarious”  –Toronto Eye

“Rock Opera is damn funny.”  –The Seattle Stranger

“If every pot user goes to see Rock Opera, I think you’ll have a hit on your hands.”   –Richard Linklater

“Tense, violent and funny, Rock Opera is solid midnight movie fare.”   –Variety

“Genuinely warped…scathingly hilarious…a spot-on quasi-parody of the day-to-day existence of struggling Austin musicians and their wayward ways.”
–The Austin Chronicle

“I love Rock Opera!”  –Steve Bloom, High Times Magazine
(Nominated for a Stony Film Award)

**** (four stars)   “A good old fashioned ass kicking spectacle.”  –Film Threat

“Rife with rocking energy…  a hell of a time.”
–New Times L.A.

“Rock Opera delivers the goods.”  –Willamette Weekly

“Truly suspenseful… terribly funny… Rock Opera puts Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to shame.” — SF Weekly

Bob Ray bio: Rock Opera is Bob Ray’s first feature film and the flick has screened at more than two dozen film festivals and over thirty theatrical engagements across the globe, garnering much critical acclaim along the way. Ray has since made several music videos for the likes of Nashville Pussy, Riverboat Gamblers, Fuckemos and more.  In addition, Ray keeps busy with a slew of short films and animation (many of Ray’s animated “CrashToons” have screened at various fests and Ray has created animated shorts for and Turner Network’s  Ray currently is working on his second documentary feature (his first doc, the critically heralded fest fave “Hell on Wheels,” tells the Texas tale of the rebirth of roller derby (available on DVD from IndiePix!)), called TOTAL BADASS and featuring Rock Opera’s Chad Holt.  Now in post-production, TOTAL BADASS will debut in 2010.  Find more information on Ray and his films at:

But wait, there’s more! Come get you some free whatnot:

  • HiFi VHS copies of Rock Opera
  • Vintage Rock Opera posters (vintage!)
  • HiFi VHS copies of Bob Ray’s short film collection “Old Stupid Shit”
  • and more (probably)!

Rock Opera (90 min., unrated)

screening at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar (1120 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX (512) 476-1320)

October 10, 2009 at 8:30pm

After Party at The Highball: Witness a special reunion show for Austin’s most-awesome VOLTAGE and Pocket FishRmen at the Official Rock Opera After-Party at the Highball!!!  Come throw down with the Rock Opera posse!  And bring your balls* (or borrow someone’s) to be rocked!  *(note, booties will also be rocked.)  The Highball is the Alamo’s new party-down palace, located next door to their South Austin Theater.

# # #

Here’s some early press:

Our new film around here is called TOTAL BADASS.  It’s a documentary!  The film’s site is and there’s a new Facebook page as well.

The film is INSANE.  Too much and too early to explain here.  But if you want a sneak peek at what the film is about, come on down to the Rock Opera 10 Year Anniversary Screening at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar on Oct 10 where we’ll screen a little clip from the film.  It’s gonna be a hoot!

here’s more info on the screening:

BTW, we’ll also screen a few CrashToons at the Rock Opera gig!