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Big News!

Playboy and CrashToons double-team for hilarity!!!

That’s right, swing over to: http://www.playboy.com/articles/playmation-nation-butterface/index.html to catch the first glimpse of APESH!T on Playboy.com

Playboy just re-launched their web site and it now features some fantastic adult animation (i.e. Family Guy, Adult Swim, South Park style humor, not porn (there’s plenty o’ nakedness on the rest of Playboy’s site, so not to fret)).

Part of this fantastic batch of toon-mayhem are some CrashToons ‘toonage! The first one to go live is APESH!T Butter Face. Over the next several weeks, look out for another APESH!T and three Platypus Rex episodes. If all goes well, we’ll be making more ‘toons for Playboy very soon. So please swing by and check it out and watch it a million times! Here are some more links of interest:




Platypus Rex in: Inflected

Rex remembers a time when he remembered a better time. A time filled with joy and dick-slapping… It’s all in how you recount your memory of it, I guess. Hey! Stop picking at that or you’ll get it inflected! ~ See loads more low-rent ‘toons at http://www.CrashToons.com


We threw up some more Platypus Rex. The new one is “Clone Whores.”  It might reveal the real reason human cloning is illegal.  It’s a mind-blowing conundrum.

Go have a peek at www.CrashToons.com

or, be lazy and watch it here: