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We made some more commercials for Adam Reposa, Lawyer, TV Personality, Loud Person!

Here’s the first one, in case you ain’t been paying attention:

After the first one went crazy online, Adam Reposa became internet-famous.





All this exposure went to Repo’s unsuspecting head.   His cranium swelled like the Hindenburg.  Big as can be.  Also, some stuff happened that I don’t wanna talk about just yet.  But it does involve typical Hollywood douche baggery and some double-crossing.  Fun!

Anyway, in the middle of that douche-storm, Repo asked us to make another commercial.  Reposa’s idea for the new commercial was pretty hare-brained, IMHO.  The premise was to make a commercial addressing the recent ban of Big Gulps and large sodas in NYC.  Remember that?  It was news for about 1/2 a day.  We over at CCF felt that this commercial idea sucked.  People will forget about the Big Gulp ban as soon as the next dumb chunk of news comes tumbling down the mountain.  And also, where’s the crashing cars and breaking glass?  Lame.  But we’re cool, so we played along.  After shooting the commercial, more douche-baggery ensued as well as that double-cross I hinted at earlier.  We won’t get into it right now, but it may have affected Bob Ray’s ability to edit.

Drunk and exhausted from swimming upstream in the torrent of douche flow, Bob Ray overcame all and edited the new commercial like a champ.  Here it is:

Reposa didn’t like this version.  He asked us not to put it online.  Repo wanted it re-edited.  A few days later, and with Chad Holt (of Total Badass fame, and Reposa’s legal assistant now) as a middle-man, there was a bury-the-hatchet sort of moment where Bob Ray (being awesome and forgiving and stuff) agreed to re-cut the commercial.

Repo suggested some unwanted and unsolicited changes: “add the Star Spangled Banner,” “do more choppy editing, like the first one,” “make it less snobby and avant garde,” “have less cinematography,” etc.

Bob Ray and CrashCam Films thought those ideas sucked.

Anyway, here’s the revised version of the commercial:

So now everything’s cool.  Except that double-cross thing, that is.  That’s still not cool

Hey look, Repo recently landed on the local TV news.  Bob Ray is featured in the piece as “the unknown cameraman who makes Eastwood look so fine.”


Defense attorney attacks justice system: kxan.com


More to come.  Or not.  Who knows?

A short film telling the whole story is in the can.  It’s tentatively titled “The Adam Reposa Saga.”

All good fun and games!

You can either watch this, or read all the shit following it (and also watch some clips).  Hell, you can do both if you like.  It’s America, after all.

We made some more commercials for Adam Reposa, Lawyer, American, Loud Person! Sort of, maybe… who knows what’s happening anymore.

Chad Holt (of Total Badass fame), Adam Reposa (real-life lawyer, and Chad’s lawyer in Total Badass (where he got Chad’s felony “possession of hash” charge knocked down to an “emitting a noxious odor” misdemeanor)) and Bob Ray (filmmaker: CrashCam Films, Hell on Wheels, Rock Opera, Total Badass , etc.) made a “wacky lawyer” commercial for The Law Offices of Adam Reposa.

Here it is, in case you ain’t been paying attention:

The commercial got internet-famous.

Mr. Reposa asked Bob Ray to make another commercial. Mr. Reposa’s idea for the new commercial is to address the recent ban of Big Gulps and other large sodas in NYC.

Bob Ray thought that this idea sucked.

Here is the commercial:

Mr. Reposa didn’t like this version.   

Mr. Reposa insisted on some changes: “make it more patriotic by adding the Star Spangled Banner,” “do more choppy editing, like the first one,” “make the message clear by making it more repetitive,” “make it less snobby and avant garde,” “have less cinematography,” etc.

Bob Ray thought those ideas sucked.

Anyway, here’s the revised commercial:


and since we mentioned it, here’s the Total Badass trailer:


“Subversive” is a mini-art festival aimed at exploring the seemingly “benevolent” appeal of subcultures. The festival will point out the parallels that exist among the subcultures of Burlesque, the Ball Scene, Roller Derby, Lucha Libre, among others. The event will look at alternative conceptions of “masculinity” and “femininity” in spaces that redefine the role of gender and sexuality in a hetero-normative society. We will discover how these subcultures relate to each other and sociopolitical movements, and how they influence mainstream attitudes and culture.


Hell on Wheels screening on
Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 7:00pm
at Art For Change
1699 Lexington Avenue, Lower Level
New York, NY

A HUGE thanks to the awesome Gotham Girls Roller Derby and to the Brooklyn Academy of Music! Our screening on Wednesday night was SOLD OUT! It was an amazing screening with a great Q&A and a sweet free-booze after party. We had a fantastic time and just wanna thank all those that came out to catch the flick and swap derby stories with us. We LOVE NY!

“Hell on Wheels” booking update

We’ve been collecting info on leagues and cities that want to help us book screenings. We’re getting loads of requests and in about a week, we will start contacting everyone and scheduling some screenings. So if you’ve sent an email, we have it and will be in touch soon. Thanks for your patience.

If you haven’t contacted us and you do wasn’t us to screen in your town, please drop a line to: info@hellonwheelsthemovie.com

Wooo-wee! The Los Angeles screening of “Hell on Wheels” was such a freakin’ blast. We’re still all giddy about it over here at the Hell H.Q. Thanks to the Los Angeles Derby dolls for hosting the event and thanks to the American Cinematheque for housing the flick.

NYC is right around the corner and we’re ramping up for a great screening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 5th , sponsored by the ass-kicking Gotham Girls Roller Derby. Bob Ray (director) and Werner Campbell (producer) are doing some pre-screening press. Keep your eyes peeled and ears wax-free as we’re slated to pop up on WKCR 89.9 FM New York and a feature article is being penned for the New York Sun newspaper, and hopefully more TBA.

We’re looking forward to getting back to the Big Apple, catching up with old friends and making new ones. So if ya know anyone in the NYC area, please pass the info along!

Brooklyn Academy of Music
Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Peter Jay Sharp Building
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn , NY 11217
(718) 636-4100
**director Bob Ray and producer Werner Campbell in attendance for post screening Q&A
sponsored by
Gotham Girls Roller Derby