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New “Platypus Rex” CrashToons cartoon on Playboy.com!!!!

A brand NEW episode of Platypus Rex is now live on Playboy.com. APESH!T is already enjoying the thrill of being a Playboy cartoon (and the perks are perky!), and now the feisty platypus gets his debut.

So PLEASE swing on by the site and peep the ‘toons and leave a comment:


Platypus Rex:

Please leave a comment as it’s very helpful to us and will help us be able to make more ‘toons for Playboy. it’s FREE to watch AND free to leave a comment!!!

Step 1: Watch, Laugh, Type
Watch the ‘toons, laugh, type in a comment and hit “submit”

A little pop-up box will inform you “Before your comment will be added, you will need to login”
Click the “Login” button.

Step 2: “Community Access”
The next page says:

“Playboy.com Login
Please login below to continue. Cookies must be enabled to login.
No account? For community access click here. For nude content, Join Now.”

Click the “For community access click here.” Button.

Step 3: Fake ID
You made it t to the Free Registration page!

Fill in a “name,” “password,” and “email” address***
<<< NOTE: you do NOT have to use your real name and email addy if you don’t want to. They don’t verify that it’s a valid email address.

Once the info is filled out, click “Get Free Access Now!”

This will take you to another page that has a huge button that reads: “Click here to return to previous feature.

Click that mofo and, pow! DONE! Way to help a friend out!

Simple, eh?

Now that you are logged in, pretty-please go leave a comment on the APESH!T page: http://www.playboy.com/articles/playmation-nation-butterface/index.html

Now, if enough folks love the APESH!T and Platypus Rex, we’ll get to make more. That’d freakin rule!

Thanks a bunch!


Big News!

Playboy and CrashToons double-team for hilarity!!!

That’s right, swing over to: http://www.playboy.com/articles/playmation-nation-butterface/index.html to catch the first glimpse of APESH!T on Playboy.com

Playboy just re-launched their web site and it now features some fantastic adult animation (i.e. Family Guy, Adult Swim, South Park style humor, not porn (there’s plenty o’ nakedness on the rest of Playboy’s site, so not to fret)).

Part of this fantastic batch of toon-mayhem are some CrashToons ‘toonage! The first one to go live is APESH!T Butter Face. Over the next several weeks, look out for another APESH!T and three Platypus Rex episodes. If all goes well, we’ll be making more ‘toons for Playboy very soon. So please swing by and check it out and watch it a million times! Here are some more links of interest:



Happy New Year to all!
Here’s a look forward and a look back at all the fun we had and are sure to have around here at the CrashCam Films / CrashToons Global HQ in fabulous Austin, Texas.

Some early info about what’s in store for 2K9:

Playboy teams up with CrashToons!!!
Starting January 20th, you’ll be able to catch episodes of APESH!T and Platypus Rex on the Playboy website.  Word is, there’s gonna be a big ol’ re-launching of the Playboy site, and lil’ ol CrashToons is gonna be a part of it.  Cool, huh?  www.Playboy.com

So, yeah, we’ll be making more CrashToons pretty darn soon. www.CrashToons.com

New feature script complete!
I just finished up a script for a kick ass dark comedy caper flick that freakin’ rules!


We’re working on a secret documentary project.  It’s gonna be funny.  It’s gonna be weird.  And as far as I know, it’s gonna be a documentary.

Hell on Wheels

Hell yeah, we’re screening this gem of a flick in ’09.  Next up is: Boston on Feb 20! Sponsored by the Boston Derby Dames (www.bostonderbydames.com/), the screening will be in Arlington at the Regent Theater (www.regenttheatre.com/)

Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell! (redux) will be screening in the 11th Mecal International Short Film Festival, which will take place from the 27th of March to the 5th of April 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.

And hell, the year’s just getting started.  Who knows what other kinda trouble we’ll get into around here.  It should be fun!

Here’s a look back at what we managed to accomplish in 2008.

Hell on Wheels:
We screened in loads more places and fests in 2008.  We had a sold out screening at NYC’s BAM Cinematheque, a screening at the world famous Egyptian Theater’s American Cinematheque in Los Angeles. We had fest screenings like mad and we screened the little film that could all over the US, Canada, and even Australia, England, Brazil and New Zealand.  And then we screened at RollerCon in Vegas!  What a blast!  And in September, we released the flick on an awesome two-disk DVD set from IndiePix!

www.HellOnWheelsTheMovie.com http://www.indiepixfilms.com/film/hellonwheels

Did you see Hell on Wheels in the New York Times?  An article in the December 18th issue of the NTY featured Hell on Wheels!  Pretty cool.

CrashToons (Platypus Rex, APESH!T, CrashToons Presents, etc.)

We launched CrashToons:
APESH!T (two new episodes)
Platypus Rex (seven new episodes)
CrashToons Presents (Chupacabra’s Spanish, Puppies vs Kittens, etc.)

APESH!T screened at the South by Southwest film fest and at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles.  The Platypus Rex episode “Hymenoplasty” screened at the Austin Film Festival and Platypus Rex & Bob Ray won the Third Annual 2nd Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest.  On top of that, several CrashToons cartoons screened before features at the ’08 incarnation of Fantastic Fest!

Other CrashCam Films / Bob Ray news:

Bob Ray is the Best of Austin! The Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin Issue proclaimed Bob Ray 2008’s Best Emergent Filmmaker.  Pretty sweet.

Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell! (redux) played on the Slamdance website and screened in the International Panorama section of Anilogue International Animation Festival in Budapest

In March, Bob Ray was a music video judge for South by Southwest film festival.

Blogs, blogs, blogs.  We launched blogs for all out projects:
CrashCam Films:  https://crashcamfilms.wordpress.com/
Hell on Wheels:  http://hellonwheelsmovie.wordpress.com/
CrashToons:  http://crashtoons.wordpress.com/
APESH!T:  http://apeshitcartoon.wordpress.com/

How’s Your News
I also worked on a few cool projects, including the Austin and New Orleans shoot of the upcoming MTV show How’s Your News.  The show is based on the awesome documentary of the same name and is produced by South Park’s Matt Stone.  The premiere is on Sunday, Feb 8th at 10:30pm on MTV.  Check out www.HowsYourNews.com for more info.

So, adios 2K8.  Hello 2K9.