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From March 5-8 in Los Angeles catch a boat load of funny shorts, including TWO CrashToons cartoons at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival (http://www.lacomedyshorts.com/shorts/shorts.htm). The fest is screening the two ‘toons under the banner “CrashToons” on Friday afternoon at 2:00 in the “I’m Gonna Get You” block.

The screenings take place at the Downtown Independent Theater (251 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012). Bob Ray will be in attendance for the fest, so come on down and have a grand time with the CrashToons mastermind.


CrashToons in the works.
Speaking of animated kick-assery, we’re having so much fun with the animation thingy around here, that we’re planning on launching a few more lil ‘toons. The CrashToons banner will host a series of super-short animated clips, including the random samplings of various whatnot that will boast the awesome name “CrashToons presents,” and the new episodic adventures of our surly platypus friend/fiend P.Rex.

Word is these little nuggets will make fly in April. So go hold your breath! Or better yet, squat down and breathe heavily for about a minute, then stand up real fast and hold your breath while a friend bear-hugs you and you pass out! We used to call that move “The Elevator” back in the playground days… way better than merely holding your breath.

More info soon.