October 8, 2005 UPDATE: 85!!!

“Yo, that cut is fine!” Hell on Wheels fine cut!
The total run time is 85 min! That’s right, you heard me. 85 minutes of butt kicking action and gripping drama.

We’ve also got a really bad ass band creating an original score for the film. We’re gonna keep our lips buttoned for now, but it’s a pretty big deal and we’re all riled up about it over here at the CrashCam Films global HQ.


September 1, 2005!

Update on Hell on Wheels
We’re really shaping this thing up. Our current run time is 2 hours and 23 minutes. We’re still striving for a cut that places the run time under two hours, so we’ve got some tough decisions ahead. We’re getting pretty close to a locked picture and have some great bans lending us tunes. I must say (with all modesty aside), that it really is a great film. When you set out to make a documentary, you never really know what you’ll get, but with a ton of hard work (four years and 500 hours worth) as well as great luck, a fantastic subject and generous access by all the women involved, you can assemble the elements needed to make a terrific film. Thanks to everyone who helped, let us film and bought us drinks as forms of encouragement.

RollerCon 2005
My heart is filled with love and my liver filled with poisonous booze… seems to be the effect 400+ rollergirls has on me. What an amazing weekend RollerCon in Las Vegas was. To see the national community of rollergirls come together to share skating secrets, scrimmage in 117 degree weather, celebrate derby and rock the fuck out was an awe inspiring thing. It was great catching up with old friends and making hundreds of new ones. We over here at CrashCam Films are proud and honored to be part of a fantastic community.

Who knew that when we started filming a lil’ documentary about a scruffy gang of women trying to pull off roller derby in Austin four years ago that it would explode into the national phenomenon is has. Big thanks to Ivanna S.Pankin, Trish the Dish, Calamity Pain, the Sin City Rollergirls and everyone else who made RollerCon happen. It truly was an amazing weekend.

New Orleans’ Big Easy Rollergirls need help
We met some fantastic women from the Big Easy Rollergirls over RollerCon weekend. Unfortunately, their weekend stay in Vegas has become indefinite as no one is allowed to return to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina had her way with the city. Rollergirls across the nation are pulling together to help their stranded sisters. The fine women of Atlanta Rollergirls have set up an account where you can donate to help out our New Orleans sisters. So please show some love for some derby girls in need by going to the Atlanta Rollergirls site and clicking on the red cross logo on the left hand side that reads:

The Big Easy Rollergirls need your help! Hurricane Katrina has left them homeless and stranded on the west coast. Donate now so they can get back to kicking ass in New Orleans.



August 2, 2005 UPDATE: 333!!!

Edit-ninja Cory Ryan is back in action and has whittled another 90 minutes of the flick. The current cut times in at 3 hours and 33 minutes. We’re re-shuffling the first four chapters and condensing a few items and hopefully will get this thing under the 3 hour mark by week’s end.

The goal is 90-120 minutes and we’re getting there. We’ve set a deadline of September 30 for a locked cut of the story and are working our tails off to achieve that goal. The plan is to have the narrative complete by that date and then we can focus on cutting in b-roll, cutaways, action shots, etc. We’ll also have a mountain of sound work (music, EQ, filtration, writing and recording a score, etc.) ahead of us, as well as a load of title/graphic work and color correction. Yeah, all the fun stuff!

The new trailer is coming along slowly, but considering our self-imposed deadline (only 8 weeks and 3 days away), the trailer is not the highest of priorities.


July 17, 2005 UPDATE: The 5-hour barrier has been broken!!!

At the end of June, on her way out of state for a previously scheduled (and much deserved) two-week vacation, “Hell on Wheels” editor Cory Ryan delivered the first rough assembly of the flick. Endless hours were spent in the editing room as we carved the story from a mountain of nearly 500 hours of footage spanning four years. We knew this first cut was going to be long and we expected a 9 hour film at this stage. Not far off the mark, it clocked in at 8 hours and 4 minutes.

At that point, Bob Ray stepped into the edit room for some shuffling and trimming. Over the past week and a half, he’s been slashing away chunks of the flick and paring it down to a leaner, meaner storytelling machine. The latest tally has the film clocking in at 4 hours 59 minutes and 45 seconds. Our goal is to have the run time between 90-120 minutes.

Cory returned on the 14th and we’re now back to full man/womanpower and continue to streamline this awesome and riveting documentary. We’ve only got to trim off another three to three and a half hours…

We had to put the cutting of a new trailer on the back burner for a while, but we’re getting that one fired up again now that Cory is back and Bob can focus on the task.

Werner Campbell, as always, continues to produce the hell out of this thing. That’s what producers do.


June 30, 2005
The first rough assembly is complete! Total run time of 8 hours and 4 minutes.


May 25, 2005 UPDATE: Phase 7 complete!

We’ve watched and logged all the tapes! Okay, so that’s not entirely true. However, we have watched, logged and digitized just about every tape. Actually the only tapes left to watch are some bout footage. So what’s with all the hoopla? Well, since we’ve been logging tapes non-stop from December ’04 until late last night, it’s something of a milestone for us over here and we’re happy as can be.

But wait! There’s more. All the while this logging has been going on, our super-awesome editor Cory Ryan has been working her tail off on the first rough assembly of the film! Yeah, 2 birds!

We’re hoping to have the first rough cut by the end of next week!!!!!!!

Sure, it’ll run about 8-9 hours long, but considering that we started with a stack of nearly 500 hour-long tapes (spanning 4+ years), it’s one hell of a step in the right direction.

Up next is the paring down of the flick to under 2 hours. We’ll also be cutting a 3-5 min trailer telling what the story is about. We’re targeting some pretty sweet film fests for potential screenings in January and have 18 weeks until the deadline, so if you don’t see Bob, Werner or Cory out and about, rest assured that it’s because we’re working our fingers to the bone to make this the most ass kicking documentary ever!!!!


January 2005
Editing officially begins. Cory Ryan is at the helm of the edit bay.