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Big News!

Playboy and CrashToons double-team for hilarity!!!

That’s right, swing over to: to catch the first glimpse of APESH!T on

Playboy just re-launched their web site and it now features some fantastic adult animation (i.e. Family Guy, Adult Swim, South Park style humor, not porn (there’s plenty o’ nakedness on the rest of Playboy’s site, so not to fret)).

Part of this fantastic batch of toon-mayhem are some CrashToons ‘toonage! The first one to go live is APESH!T Butter Face. Over the next several weeks, look out for another APESH!T and three Platypus Rex episodes. If all goes well, we’ll be making more ‘toons for Playboy very soon. So please swing by and check it out and watch it a million times! Here are some more links of interest:

The kick ass Scoot Inn Bar on the East Side in Austin will host the screening.  There’ll be movie, DVDs for sale, filmmakers in attendance, post-screening Q&A, drinks!  Good times.

Sunday, March 15th at 6pm.

1308 East 4th Street

Austin, TX

CrashToons’ animated gem “Spanish Lessons with Chupacabra Volume 7: Conversational Spanish” will screen at the 2009 South by Southwest Film Festival.  The ‘toon is screening in the SXSW AFS Member Showcase block on Saturday, March 14 at the Hideout Theater in downtown Austin.

No shit!  That fest was one of the most fun festivals I’ve ever been to.  Fucking ever.  I met a ton of great folk, it was organized like a well-lubed lubricating machine and I saw an ass-load of funny as hell shorts.  And parties, right?  Fuck!  I don’t remember leaving the closing night party… sorry if I broke anything or embarrassed you… I did loose my jacket, so if anyone finds a black windbreaker with Bultaco written on the back and a bunch of CrashToons DVDs and stickers in the pocket, I lay claim to it.

Aside from that, it was near flawless.  Amazingly, ridiculously fun.  And I got to hang out with Granny Squidbilly!

Thanks to Jeannie, Ryan and Gary for showing my ‘toons and congrats on hosting such an amazing fest.  I hope to be back for #2.

Hugs & shit,


“A thrill-ride of a documentary …not just wildly entertaining, but downright impressive. Highly recommended.”
– digitallyOBSESSED

“Bone-crunching collisions, behind-the-scenes drama and roller skates are all part of the outrageous documentary… a smashingly entertaining feature!”
– Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“…the drama fans see during bouts pales to the drama that roller derby has gone through off the track. [Hell on Wheels is] a kind of tattooed, tough-girl “Dynasty.” The film is as much about dreams, ego, power and simple human nature as it is about roller derby. Ray might have lucked out on one hell of a story, but he rises to the occasion, telling the tale in a gritty style that matches the material. The film has a grainy look, and a pulsating soundtrack from Austin rockers … And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. …one hell of a story.”
– 77 Square

“Hell on Wheels is entertaining, educational and frustratingly brilliant.”
– In Utah This Week

“A must-see film!”
– The Stamford Times

“Compelling storytelling… It’s fascinating to watch.”
– DVD Talk

“A good story well-told… It’s a documentary exposing a certain athletic niche (in this case, roller derby), but first and foremost it’s a story of triumph over adversity and seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s one of those documentaries that doesn’t really feel like its imposing an agenda or actively spewing various facts at you, but simply telling you a true-life story in an organic fashion… at its core, it’s a feel-good film about interesting people and a cutthroat sport that I heartily recommend to anyone looking for a good story.”
– Real Movie News

“A wholly engaging documentary.”
– Campus Circle