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most the new news can be read in the following CrashCam Films’ production blogs:

Hell on Wheels:

new ‘toons, CrashToons!
We’re not quite ready for launch yet, but I have posted the three finished CrashToons on-line and built the CrashToons beta site. If ya wanna peek at it, swing by

And if ya do peep the site, please let me know what ya think! Drop a dime to: and give me your two cents worth. Let me know what ya think about the new ‘toons, the site, the layout, the etc., etc.

I’ve been trouble-shooting the site for the last few days, and it seems to work well. Hopefully, I’ll get back to animating and, within the next few days, will be able to finish another Platypus Rex episode or perhaps a Limp Dictionary episode. When I have the fourth CrashToons complete, we’ll launch the site! But for you super-special folks who’ve been tagging along for the ride, feel free to have an early peek. Just remember to send some feedback!

Hell on Wheels screenings
We have lots of them! Check for all the latest.

Rock Opera in Skunk?
Skunk Magazine asked for a screener copy of Rock Opera to reveiw. We did comply and now anxiously await their criticisms. The low down on the stoner-caper-comedy-rock ‘n’ roll flick Rock Opera can be found here:

secret doc
it’s a freakin’ secret! it’s a freakin documentary… maybe. Maby both. Maybe neither. It’s too early to tell.

The Balloonatic project is on hold… we need more time around here sos to get back on top of it. Balloonatic is a passion project (meaning no deadlines are attached to it), so we can pick it back up at our leisure. Hopefully soon.

Oh man, it’s been crazy busy around here.  Ever since SXSW in March, we’ve just been bombed with mayhem.  Hell on Wheels had me out in Phoenix for several days at the super-fun Phoenix Film Festival.  Soon after that I was shipped off to New Orleans to work camera on the upcoming How’s Your News TV show (, man was that fun.  Then I went straight from the Big Easy out to L.A. for an APESH!T screening at the Egyptian Theater.  Loads of fun!


I came back to ATX a few days ago and have been neck-deep in catching up (and flirting with a new project).


Despite all the action, we managed to do a lil’ work on CrashToons (see the CrashToons blog for more info:


We’ve been booking Hell on Wheels screenings like mad (see the Hell on Wheels blog for more info: and visit the home page for a full schedule of screenings:


And for the new APESH!T, the Pecker-pine episode of APESH!T is mired down in the muck of animation.  Hopefully good ol’ animation bad-ass Ryan Parker will be able to squeeze in a bit of time around his laborious day job to knock this mofo out.  We did just have a great screening at the American Cinematheque last week.  It was cooool.  Keep up with the SH!T via the APESH!T blog at and view the ape-isodes at