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You’ve probably seen the “Wa-Hoo” episode a million times, right? (If you have seen it less than a million times, you can see it at .) Maybe you saw APESH!T “Butter Face” at the Alamo and you wanna giggle at that one some more. Share it with your buds online, right? Well, we’re damn near about to get ready to comply!

The most recent word from mysterious APESH!T animation kingpin RyPar is that the “Butter Face” episode will be ready to go live on in a few days. AND the “Pecker-pine” episode should come down the pike in another week or so… probably so. Yeah, I’d go with so.

We’re screening APESH!T “Wa-Hoo” as part of the SXSW Austin Film Society Member Showcase
Saturday, March 8, 2008 at 8:00 pm
The Hideout Theater
617 Congress Ave
Austin , TX 78701
(512) 443-3688

APESH!T in LA soon!
Oh yeah, come April, look for some APESH!T at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles . That’s right, you heard proper. The APESH!T “Wa-Hoo” will be screening as part of an animated selection of kick-assery! I’ll get y’all all the details as they trickle in, eh?

We’ve been getting a lot of requests to screen in various cities. We are eternally grateful for your support and patience as we figure out how best to go about doing this. I’m happy to announce that we now have it set up so that we can start booking more screenings!

If you’d like us to show the flick in your town, please drop us a line at:

Wooo-wee! The Los Angeles screening of “Hell on Wheels” was such a freakin’ blast. We’re still all giddy about it over here at the Hell H.Q. Thanks to the Los Angeles Derby dolls for hosting the event and thanks to the American Cinematheque for housing the flick.

NYC is right around the corner and we’re ramping up for a great screening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 5th , sponsored by the ass-kicking Gotham Girls Roller Derby. Bob Ray (director) and Werner Campbell (producer) are doing some pre-screening press. Keep your eyes peeled and ears wax-free as we’re slated to pop up on WKCR 89.9 FM New York and a feature article is being penned for the New York Sun newspaper, and hopefully more TBA.

We’re looking forward to getting back to the Big Apple, catching up with old friends and making new ones. So if ya know anyone in the NYC area, please pass the info along!

Brooklyn Academy of Music
Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Peter Jay Sharp Building
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn , NY 11217
(718) 636-4100
**director Bob Ray and producer Werner Campbell in attendance for post screening Q&A
sponsored by
Gotham Girls Roller Derby


Aside from the night where two of the APESH!T all-star voice actors got jumped by a herd of boob-deprived, Mardis Gras-mad drunken frat boys, the Spike and Mike’s screening at the Alamo was asmashing success. And mind you, it was not at the Alamo where said tiny-peckered frats decided to get all punchy, it was at a nearby bar. The fracas (in hindsight) is kinda quaint now… Anyway, we all escaped un-date-raped, and reletively unscathed (or was it the other way around?) so I suppose all is fine with the world.

The screenings? Oh, they were great! The audiences were fantastic! Giggles galore! And Drafthouse Henri? Yeah, he hosted the event and that’s one funny-ass mofo. Thanks Henri, Tim, Zach and all the gang at the Alamo Drafthouse who made us feel right at home (double-dildo tug-o-war anyone? …ahhh, home…).

Did I hear a “Butter Face” or a “Pecker-pine”? Yes I did. And we’re dang-near finished and ready to plaster the web with those trailers that the Alamo is screening. I’ll keep ya posted on when that SH!T hits the fan via this here forum and the news page at

Hell On Wheels
We’re screening this lil’ gem to enthusiastic crowds all over the place. Great reviews are coming in and audiences seem to be having a grand ol’ time. We’re happy as can be with the reception the film is getting.

We’re constantly adding screenings, so be sure to keep up to date at: