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Hey!  We’ve finished up two of the four short films!  Huh, you ask?  Well, aside from writing/directing/acting in the opening scene of the Slacker remake, screening Total Badass at some fests, and attempting to finishing up the Badass Tour Journal (not to mention non-filmmaking life), our goal for this year was to make four short films:
“Road Kill”
“Kicked in the Teeth”
“Puppies v Kittens.”

And I’m happy to announce that we’ve finished the first two on that list!

That’s right, “Road Kill” AND “Sacked” are complete!

Next, we’ll finish up “Kicked in the Teeth” and then onto “Puppies v Kittens!”  After the four shorts, I plan to get to work on another feature script.  I’ve got a little flick in mind that I’m calling (at least for the time being) “Snakebit.”

“Road Kill” is complete! There’s even an imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2083318/

We shot a bit more of “Sacked” last night. It turns out that this film (involving sack puppets) is way more complex than I would have thought and is taking a good deal longer to complete. I hope that we can finish production on the short tomorrow night. And I aim to have a good first cut by Monday. I’ll keep you posted!

After “Sacked,” we’ll finish up “Kicked in the Teeth” and then onto “Puppies v Kittens!”

Here’s an update:

Scene 2 (of 2) is edited and looks great! The trickier of the two scenes, scene 2 involves the guns, blood, fire and both puppets and humans. Scene 1 is all puppets and torture. We’ve yet to shoot scene 1, but I have in my (temporary) possession, a Canon 7D, with which I will shoot scene 1 over the next week or so.

“Road Kill”
The lab is re-transferring the film today (they messed up the original transfer). Hopefully, we’ll have the footage back in our grubby little hands and will edit the thing together starting on Friday.

“Kicked in the Teeth”
The above pic is from the doc-in-progress “Kicked in the Teeth.” KitT is just laying around waiting to be edited. Once I finish up “Sacked” and “Road Kill,” I’ll hop to it and cut KitT together.

“Puppies vs. Kittens”
No new progress on this one. However, once we make sure that we’ll have funding, we’ll kick this one into high gear. It’s prepped and ready to be animated.

Sure, we been lax about posting stuff. But we’ve been busy. Busy making four short films! And we also shot/acted in/edited the opening scene for the “Slacker” re-imagining, “Slacker 2011.” And we just shot a super 8 music video for Ex Amigos. Give us a break already.

But about those short films, more info can be gathered here: http://www.unitedstatesartists.org/project/the_four_shortfilms_of_the_apocalypse

and then there’s this:


and check out this promotional video for our fund-raising efforts:

now go here and watch it again and give us money:


Here’s an update on the shorts:

We shot half of “Sacked” already and will be shooting the other half soon.  The film features the amazing acting talents of Michael Dalmon and Heather Kafka as well as puppets created by Beth Been.  I’m editing together the stuff already shot and it looks great!  And yes, we did start many fires, spilled lots of blood and blasted off live ammo.  That’s how we do it.


We also shot “Road Kill” and sent the super 8 film off to the lab.  Unfortunately, the lab messed up the transfer and I had to send it back for a re-do.

"Road Kill"

The live-action component of the short documentary “Kicked in the Teeth” is complete.  I still need to do a lot of screen-shots and graphics work as well as edit the thing together, but it’s moving along nicely.

The fourth film in the bundle, the animated “Puppies vs. Kittens,” is in the animatic stage (meaning the voices and sound effects are recorded and the storyboards are edited together).  We still need to animate that one.

As you can see, I’m not waiting until this campaign (see above) is finished to start working on these films.  I have hope and faith that this fund-raising effort will succeed and we can finish these flicks properly.  And I didn’t want to delay the films.  I also owe some folks money who have worked on these film.  In part, that’s what we’ll use the funds that we raise here for (see above).  That, and for covering the cost of finishing the flicks.

We’ve got one week remaining on the fund-raising.  Thanks for your support to date.  If you know any rich people or even folks who can spare a dime or two for the sake of art, please send them our way (see above).  I have the easy-to-remember URL www.bobrayfilms.com and it automatically redirects to the USA Projects page for the Four ShortFilms of the Apocalypse.  So feel free to toss that around liberally.  Once again, thanks for your support and encouragement.  Cheers,